The aim of the journal is to provide an interdisciplinary online platform for further investigations into postcolonial social, cultural and political issues that take into account both the complex networks of empire in the 21st Century, especially with regard to the evolution of late capitalism and its diverse consequences, and the predicaments of the nation-states which continue to grapple with inadequate institutions, unequal development and entrenched hierarchies of one kind or another.
The journal will seek to expand the horizons of postcolonial studies by expanding the legacy of the critical engagement in the field which has provided it with an internationally recognizable theoretical domain with familiar signposts in terms of both theorists and terminologies. At the same time, the journal will also seek to go beyond the familiar by  investigating various emerging cultural representations and socio-political developments, and formulating new theoretical frameworks through which one might seek to understand better the rapid and dizzying transformations of the present in order to effect what Robert J.C. Young calls “strategic interventions in the name of our future”. Therefore, the journal would seek to promote original research from a variety of perspectives which would focus on different modes of postcolonial cultural representations as well as the changing material contexts conditioned both by networked forces of empire (including territorial aggression and displacement) on the one hand and tensions and fissures within the nation space on the other.
Most importantly, the journal would hopefully attract papers that are as much characterized by the fierce urgency of now as they are by the audacity of hope.