Postcolonial Interventions Vol. V, Issue 2 (June 2020)

Editors’ Note Abin Chakraborty

Featured Article:

Cecile Sandten: Precarious Discourse, Discursive Precarity: Chris Cleave’s (Postcolonial) Refugee Novel Little Bee (The Other Hand) (2008)

Focus: Postcolonial Precarity

  1. Ariktam Chatterjee & Arzoo Saha:  Can the Precariat Sing? Standing in Lotman’s Light of Cultural Semiotics

Abstract Article

2. Gorica Majstorovic: Migrant Routes and the Global South Novel

Abstract Article

3. Paul Veyret: The Ethical Re(turn) in Postcolonial Fiction: Narrating the Precariat in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West and Mohammad Hanif’s Red Birds

Abstract Article


4. Samar H. Aljahdali: Borders and Postimperial Melancholia in the Works of Mohsin Hamid and Raja Shehadeh

Abstract Article

5. Catherine Brown-Robison: Joyce, Walcott, and the Need for Homecoming Portrayed through Homeric Epics

Abstract Article

6. Lava Asaad:  A Sacred Covenant: Islamic Environmentalism in Ibrahim Al-Koni’s The Bleeding of the Stone

Abstract Article

7. Peter Emuejevoke Omoko:  Aesthetics and the Rhetorical Discourse of the Ọjọjọ Masquerade Festival of the Igbudu People of Warri, Nigeria

Abstract Article

8. Paul Antonopoulos, Daniel França Ribeiro and Drew Cottle: Liberation Theology to Evangelicalism: The Rise of Bolsonaro and the Conservative Evangelical Advance in Post-Colonial Brazil

Abstract Article


Dhrubajyoti Banerjee: Review of Matthew’s Shum’s Improvisations of Empire : Thomas Pringle in Scotland, the Cape Colony and London, 1789-1834

Notes on Contributors

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For individual articles in each issue visit here

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