Postcolonial Interventions Vol. VI, Issue 1 (January 2021): Postcolonial Knowledges

Editors’ Note: Abin Chakraborty

Kerstin Knopf (Guest Editor): Introduction – Postcolonial Knowledges


Towards Decolonizing Knowledge Production

Jeannette Armstrong: Syilx Knowledges: A Decolonial Strategy

Abstract Article


Rapti Siriwardane-de Zoysa: Decolonizing Seascapes: Imaginaries and Absences on an Island Hub

Abstract Article


Eleanor Hayman  in collaboration with Colleen James / G̱ooch Tláa and Mark Wedge / Aan Gooshú: Decolonising Water—Decolonising Personhood—Decolonising Knowledge: A Tlingit perspective

Abstract Article


Knowledge Production in Colonial, Neo- and Postcolonial Processes

Detlev Quintern: How to conquer the world? Cartographical knowledge in an early colonial context

Abstract Article


Elisabeth Reichel: “For you have given me speech!”—Gifted Ethnographers, Illiterate Primitives, and Media Epistemologies in the Poetry and Plurimedial Writing of Margaret Mead

Abstract Article


Pierre-Héli Monot: On Volubility: Scholastic Commentary, Racial Capital and the Birth of the Modern Literary Field  

Abstract Article


Note on Contributors

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