Postcolonial Interventions Vol. IV, Issue 2 (June 2019)

Editor’s Note Abin Chakraborty

Featured Article:

Mursed Alam & Anindya S Purakayastha: Globalectics of the Border-Subaltern: Postcolonial Justice in a Time of Crisis Diaspora


  1. Amanda González Izquierdo – From Epistemic Translations to Decolonial Encounters: Towards an Ethics of Reciprocity in the Academia

Abstract   Article


  1. Suzanne LaLonde – Post-Colonial Healing through Environmental Justice: A Psychoanalytic Reading of J.M.G. Le Clézio’s Literature

Abstract    Article


  1. Zachary Vincent Bordas – Constant Surveillance: Criticism of a ‘Disciplinary Society’ and the Paradox of Agency in Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire

Abstract      Article


  1. Bhushan Sharma & Anurag Kumar – Learning from the Outsider Within: The Sociological Significance of Dalit Women’s Life Narratives

Abstract      Article


  1. Paul Woods –  A Tale of Two  Siti’s:  Parallel  Representations of  Foreign  Domestic Helpers in their own Poetry and in Singapore Society

Abstract      Article


  1. Saima Bashir and Sohail Ahmad Saeed – Contemporary Arab Petrofiction: Opening up Biopolitical Spaces for the Dispossessed

Abstract      Article


  1. Praveen Sewgobind ­– Kwakoe, Baba and Mai: Revisiting Dutch Colonialism in Suriname

Abstract      Article


  1. Kavita Malstead – Negotiating Borders of the Indian Diasporic Identity

Abstract      Article


  1. Shibaji Mridha – Trauma of Colonial/Postcolonial Entanglement: Something Torn and New in Weep Not, Child

Abstract      Article


  1. Sagnik Yadaw & Rupsha Roy Chowdhury – Resisting the Apocalypse: Representing the Anthropocene in Indian English Literature

Abstract      Article


Saswat Samai Das & Deepak Mathew – Review of India After Modi: Populism and the Right by Ajay Gudavarthy.


Note on Contributors


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